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For over 20 years we have been helping our clients rise above their competitors

Client Testimonials

“They offered me so much more than just production and printing services. I especially recommend PDG to anyone considering complex marketing or heavy graphical projects, as these are areas where they excel.” --Rene Limeres, Ultimate Rivers, Inc.

“They listen and they’re flexible. Their photography, design, and coordination of our large project exceeded our expectations. We’re definitely pleased with PDG and the project.” --Fr. Anthony Garibaldi, OFM, St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral

“Since 1998, PDG has produced several important projects for us. Our experience has been superb. We will continue to work with them because they listen to the objective and deliver exceptional results.” --Ernest C. Brown, Esq., P.E., Ernest Brown & Company

“They’re thorough and efficient, they saved us money. They think through every step, strategically analyzing and planning. Their graphic design and problem-solving skills are exemplary.” --David A. George, Valley Springs Presbyterian Church, L’Abri Conference California Project

“The layout is perfect with no confusion. Here, in this book, is a fine example of the inspired approach to layout.” --Lauren Roberts, Design Judge, Benjamin Franklin Awards, NYC 2006

“I wanted to re-position our company to sell our services outside of our sphere of past clients. …PDG exceeded expectations. Since 1990 they have always delivered to my customers’ upscale and aesthetic tastes.” --Janver Holly, Holly & Associates, Inc.


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