AUTHOR:Johnny Swager
PUBLISHER:White Stag Press
IMPRINT:White Stag Press
SIZE:8.75"w X 11.24"
BINDING:Trade Cloth w PLC
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My Saturday Adventure

Book Description

Seven-year-old Johnny Swager has written and illustrated his first book, "My Saturday Adventure". It is the first in a series called, "Johnny's Adventure Books". A biography of this young artist, "Johnny Art: The Art of Johnny Swager", is being released along with this title.

"My Saturday Adventure" is about a day in the life of a young boy as he explores his backyard world of bugs, animals, and plants. The main character discovers many critters and captures several of them in jars. As he tries to keep his new friends, his dad teaches him an important lesson in how nature works and how we, even little boys, are to respect and take care of the creatures that co-inhabit our world.

Johnny's work exhibits a confidence rarely seen in children and a freshness that only a child can bring to the canvas and the written word. Collectors, art teachers, and critics are captivated with his ability to render subjects with such maturity and painterly skills.

Jacket copy

"Johnny's Adventure Books" series.

He has the hands of a child, and the creative heart of a master artist. His name is Johnny Swager. He is seven years old. He is a rising young star in the world of art. He was born September 4, 2000, grew up in Las Vegas, NV, and now resides with his family in Liberty Lake, WA. Art has always been Johnny's passion. Now, he takes his passion one step further, by writing and illustrating his first book, "My Saturday Adventure", a story that reflects the purity and innocence of a child. Be sure to check out "Johnny's Adventure Books", a series of story books that he has written and illustrated for kids at


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