AUTHOR:Enfantino Publishing
PUBLISHER:Publishers Design Group, Inc
IMPRINT:Publishers Design Group, Inc
SIZE:10"w X 12"
BINDING:Trade Paper
ILLUSTRATOR:Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann
MEDIA PHONE:916.784.0500
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Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann
Rooms with a View

About the Author

Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann has been referred to as the leading "romantic impressionistic realism" artist. Her career, and indeed her life, is a fairy tale story of love of art, love of life and love of family. Her appeal is universal, her style is unique and her personality is unforgettable.

Sharie's art is a reflection of the passion and romance in her heart and soul. Her paintings are portals to romantic moments and places in time. When you view a Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann painting, you are transported from our reality into Sharie's world.

Her life is as colorful and dynamic as her artwork. Playboy bunny and world-class diving champion are but a few in the long list of accolades in her dynamic rise to the rank of leading "romantic impressionistic realism" artist.

Some of her collectors and admirers are presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, senators, business leaders, entertainers, and art lovers from all walks of life--to name a few, the Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and Kennedy families, Trini Lopez, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Charlie Rangel, Arnold Schwarzenegger--the list goes on and on.

Description of Book

This volume celebrates Bohlmann's accomplishments and journeys on her way to became America's leading "romantic impressionistic realism" artist. It's all here: Over 294 photographs chronicle her childhood and Playboy bunny years, early painting and craft venues, to international product and licensing contracts, along with a gallery of over 103 masterpieces.


"Thanks for the White House art." --President Bill Clinton

"Sharie's style of Romantic Realism brings a magical touch to her canvas. Collecting one of her masterpieces would definitely complement any art connoisseur's collection." --Bill Mack, Master Relief Sculptor

"The world is lucky to have you!" --Congressman Charlie Rangel: (N.Y.) Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee

"Sharie is a very unique and exciting artist. Her fabulous art has been in my private collection and that of many of my celebrity friends for a number of years. Not only do I appreciate Sharie's artistry, but I love her because she is a very, very down to earth sweet person." --Trini Lopez (Actor/Singer/Songwriter)

"I have long-admired my friend and colleague Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann's work. Sharieâs scenes are defined by
her amazing sense of romance. She captivates her collectors with paintings that invite you to step into the scene and share it with her." --Howard Behrens (The Worldâs Most Renowned Pallet-knife Artist)


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