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Perfect Courage
Translating Vision Into Reality, Authentically

Target Audience

Mr. Arnold has all but given up on the current leadership of corporate America. Though he is always hopeful that he can convince some to change, he has directed his focus on the young, aspiring, and up-and-coming business leaders of tomorrow. The audience is in the Graduate Business schools, one the lower rungs of the corporate ladder, and in a variety of leadership posts in non-profit organizations and small businesses. Their age would range from 25 to 35 years old. They read Fortune, Forbes, INC, CEO, the business section of their local newspapers, and a variety of smaller business magazines. In essence, they have not arrived at the top-yet. Even though Mr. Arnold's books are used currently in classrooms, we believe that his philosophy of leadership will be most attractive after a person has had some time observing the corporate leadership climate that exists on the job.

Inside Flap Blurb

If you're like most people, at some point in your life you've experienced deja vu. Maybe you're sitting in a restaurant with a friend. The waiter has just brought your crispy Peking duck with snow peas, hot mustard, and spring rolls. Suddenly, you're overcome with the odd, mysterious feeling that you've experienced this exact moment before-same restaurant, same dinner, same conversation.

But how many of you have experienced deja new? That's Bill Arnold speak for "experiencing something and instinctively knowing instantly that the person, place, or situation will play a significant part in your future."This happened to me several years ago; I was in Manhattan on business, when I happened to pass by Gramercy Park, which is about three blocks from Union Square. I immediately felt drawn and curiously connected to this gated, private park-the only private park in Manhattan. After finagling my way inside, I sat on a park bench and had a friend take my picture. Although it was a chilly day and the trees were bare, I was overcome with a feeling like an emotional wave that I would someday live in one of the beautiful buildings that border the park."

"I stashed the picture in the back of some drawer and forgot all about it. Then in January 2003, I purchased an apartment overlooking the very bench I had sat on for that picture. I didn't realize the connection until I came across a copy of the photo while unpacking moving boxes."

"Coincidence? I don't think so."

The above passage is from Bill's introduction to this book. It is merely one of many examples he uses to illustrate that anyone can tap into the possibilities that exist within them. Translating vision into reality, authentically, can be an exciting and rewarding adventure in anyone's life.

About the Author

To know Bill Arnold, is to understand his life philosophy. He believes authentic leaders are courageous risk takers who leave their comfort zone to achieve exceptional results.

Bill Arnold's credentials are amazing. He's been in the trenches as CEO shaking up the system, achieving astonishing results: at Catholic Health Services; at California Medical Center at San Francisco; Saint Francis Hospital; at Centennial Medical Center; and, at Stanford University Medical Center. The list goes on.

As a mentor to business and graduate students, Arnold has held teaching posts as adjunct professor at an impressive list of schools: Pace University, Baruch College, University of San Diego, The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Business School, and Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business/Seaver College. He consistently receives near perfect scores as outstanding professor when rated by students, and was awarded "Most Inspiring Professor" from Massey Graduate School of Business and boasts a staggering number of listings in Who's Who of Successful Entrepreneurs, Finance and Industry, Professional Speaking, Leading American Executives, and Worldwide Registry of Global Business Leaders.

He is a member of the World Presidents' Organization and founder and president of the William W. Arnold Center for Authentic Leadership.

Arnold's opinions and style of leadership have been cited and applauded in over 40 books and publications, including an investigative feature article exploring and affirming his leadership style, in Fortune Magazine. Recently, Arnold was the first person outside the New York Police Department to address 1,400 New York City graduating police recruits.


"Bill Arnold shares how he succeeded by maintaining his own values and respecting others. Written with truth, courage and heart."
-Kay Hill, MSW, CSW, Certified professional clinical psychologist


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