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Safe and Sound At Home
A Guide to Finding the Best Caregiver

Back Cover Statement

"Safe and Sound At Home" was created to be a concise quick-guide to help get you started in searching for the best caregiver for your loved one. Though many book-length publications exist that comprehensively address eldercare and caregiving issues, most family members find themselves in an impending crisis situation and need simple answers now. In this guide you will learn about the different care options available, how to assess your financial position and the extent of care needed, and, if you decide to employ in-home care, how to search for, evaluate, hire, and manage a caregiver.

The section titled "Options for In-home Care" examines the three major hiring models, with the benefits, disadvantages, and costs for each explained. The discussions about withholding taxes and structuring legal, insurance, and employment documents are priceless in equipping you in moving forward with knowledge, before you hire anyone.

"Safe and Sound At Home" is not merely based on the author's personal or professional opinion. Experts that work in the field---discharge planners, case managers, eldercare practitioners, Alzheimer's/Dementia specialists, industry experts, and working caregivers---were extensively interviewed in-person by the author and publisher. Their insight and advice have greatly shaped this guide

"Safe and Sound At Home" is the best place to start. It will help you cut through the confusion about obtaining care for your loved one.


Possible Needs and Solutions
Things You Should Know About In-home Care
Who Pays?
Assessing Care Needs
Options For In-home Care
Private-hire Model
Full-service Agency Model
Domestic Referral Agency Model
How To Hire A Caregiver
What to Look For In A Caregiver
How To Hire A Full-service Agency
Searching For An Agency
How To Manage the Care Relationship
Facing Challenging Family Dynamics
Peace of Mind
Words of Encouragement


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