PUBLISHER:White Stag Press
IMPRINT:White Stag Press
SIZE:5.5"w X 8.5"
ILLUSTRATOR:Barbara James Lyon
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Andi the Bee
Ants In the Bee Hive

Back Cover Blub

Having a disability doesn't mean you can't be useful. That is the key lesson of this new story by award winning author, Phil Silver. The story is packed with humor, suspense and action. The main character, Andi, who is a disabled bee, is given a very special task by her Queen. She does not allow her disability to prevent her from accepting this challenge.

Through Andi's journey, young children discover an awareness and acceptance of individual differences. Other lessons explored are respect, manners, and following directions.

Praise for Andi the Bee

"What a cute story. Andi the Bee is a delightful tale of courage, determination, and reaching your personal best. Andi proves that even those who are different from the rest of us have a wonderful purpose in society."
--Laurie Espinoza, Special Olympics, Northern California

"Andi's story encourages the reader to understand that physical disabilities need not be a handicap in life."
--Stanford M. Noel, M.D., Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital

"A heartwarming insight into the mind of a young bee who isn't afraid to face her own fears. Valuable lessons for children facing any type of challenge in life."
--Anne Cutler, KOLO 8 News Anchor, Special Olympics Volunteer

"This is a good oral read for 1st and 2nd graders as it is easily understood and contains interesting and creative language. Early readers would enjoy the creative language and great descriptions."
--Lyn Dee Rhodes, 2nd Grade Teacher, Vancouver


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