AUTHOR:Nancy Ware
PUBLISHER:White Stag Press
IMPRINT:White Stag Press
BINDING:Perfect Paper
ILLUSTRATOR:Sherry Neidigh
MEDIA PHONE:916.489.7923
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Kathryn's Kitchen (Author Signed Copy)
188 Family-Favorite Recipies

Back Cover

KATHRYN'S KITCHEN IS A COMPILATION OF RECIPES passed down from Nancy's ancestors, shared from friends and family, gathered from exotic places that she traveled, and some from her own creation. As Nancy contends, "there is generally nothing innovative found in most cookbooks. A carrot was a carrot 100 years ago and is still a carrot today." She brings her wit and humor to each introduction of the 183 recipes found in the nine food sections. Other informative chapters include what to serve on certain holidays and celebrations. There is even a special recipe for our readers' feline friends.
What makes Kathryn's Kitchen unique from other cookbooks is Nancy's c0-authors, Amelia and Eleanor. They are her much-loved feline companions who add practical tips to many of the incredibly tasty dishes such as Beef Stew Extraordinaire, Sicilian Beef Roll, and All Family Kugeloph, a recipe that has been in the family since 1832. There is even a fantastic fruitcake recipe named for Eleanor and Amelia found in the dessert section.
In her down-to-earth style, Nancy shares stories from her childhood, teaching career and traveling experiences. There are insightful quotes and historical trivia blended throughout that help make it a one-of-a-kind cookbook.
From her love and passion for cooking, Nancy has taken on the publishing world writing Kathryn's Kitchen her way and in her unique style. After all, Nancy is from the "Greatest Generation" and readers will not only acquire delicious recipes but will meet an incredible octogenarian who embraces life and believes in the motto "one truly is never to old to follow their dreams." After all, Nancy did parachute out of an airplane on her 80th birthday. Bon Appetite!

About Nancy Ware

Nancy Ware retired in 1991 after teaching elementary school for 30 years in the Sacramento Unified School District. She has been a hospital volunteer for 18 years and currently works with a local food bank. When she isn't traveling the world, Nancy is busy writing and indulging in her favorite pastime, cooking. She lives in Carmichael, California with her beloved feline "daughters," Amelia and Eleanor.

Table of Contents

Cooking for One
Herbs & Spices
Cooking Terms
Equivalent Measures
Food Equivalents
Holidays & Celebrations

Main Dishes
Ethnic Flair
Pastas & Casseroles
Soups & Sandwiches


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