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Alaska Fishing
The Ultimate Angler's Guide, 3rd Edition

Description of Book

The most comprehensive guide book on Alaska Fishing. Written by ten of Alaska's most respected and published experts. Explicit details on anything one would need in preparing a fishing trip to Alaska. Features the best photography by well-known Alaska artists and sportsmen. A practical how-to book with over 750 full-color photos, illustrations, and charts. The lure and romance of Alaska comes through in the writing and imagery, as well. Also contains a 2,500 entry, cross-referenced index.

Target Audience

The average person who visits Alaska to go on a fishing trip (approximately 400,000 people, annually), spends between $1,500 and $5,000 on the trip. 91% are married males, college graduates, with an average, annual income of $75,000+. A large percentage of them spend years researching the state, its fishing literature, the travel agencies, guide services, internet, and accommodations. They either rely on someone else to do the research, or do it themselves. Fishing tackle shops sell about 20% of the total books sold on Alaska fishing. We estimate that bookstores sell about 40% of books sold on Alaska fishing, with the remainder being sold off web sites (Amazon), roadside concessionaires, and by direct mail. Most prospective visitors contact guide services, chambers in Alaska, and travel agencies for trip package information.

Back Cover Blurb

The most comprehensive "insiders" guide on Alaska fishing, revised, updated, and expanded in this new deluxe, full-color 3rd Edition. Written by the state's top fishing experts, this latest version now covers all 17 major Alaska sport species (fresh and salt waters), all methods (fly, spin, and bait), and all six regions of the state, with details on over 300 of the most productive Alaska fishing locations.

Includes information on regional climate/conditions, run timing, visitor services costs, trophy and record fishes, USGS map references, guides' tips, fishing regulations, etc. Bonus back section with Alaska trip planner, flies for Alaska, knots, fish filleting, and a comprehensive cross-referenced index. Has over 500 color photos, maps, charts, diagrams, and drawings.

Beautifully illustrated, Alaska Fishing III offers a visual feast of this scenic wonderland, with content that not only thoroughly informs, but also captures the imagination and heart of the reader.

About the Authors

Rene Limeres: Principal editor and major contributor for the new book. Has been involved in Alaska sportfishing and the media for years, as a professional guide (Southwest Alaska), outdoors writer/ photographer, publisher of the award winning Alaska Hunting and Fishing Calendar, and former editor of The Alaska Professional Hunter. Many of his photographs appear throughout the book as well.

Gunnar Pedersen: Spent his childhood in Norway and adolescence fishing the rivers, lakes, and bays of Southcentral Alaska. Eventually he became a top-notch guide and successful author/publisher of the best-selling fishing book on the 49th state (The Highway Angler). Provided updates and compiled new information for many of the chapters in this new book.

Thomas Cappiello: Biologist and lifelong hardcore sport angler (and IGFA World Record holder), he has over twenty years experience fishing and researching in Alaska. He provided updates on Cutthroat Trout and two new, detailed chapters on Rockfish and Lingcod, in addition to many superb photographs that appear throughout the book.

Gary Souza: Resides in Ketchikan, a confirmed steelhead, trout, and salmon addict, who has fished extensively throughout the Northwest, conducted steelhead seminars, fly casting clinics, and been a guide, charter boat captain (and minister) in Southeast for many years. For this new edition, he revised and expanded his excellent Steelhead chapter, and generously shared his expertise to make the Saltwater Salmon chapter more complete and accurate. His assistance in checking facts in many of the southern Southeast locations descriptions was invaluable.

Peter Hardy: A lifelong Alaskan of Anchorage, the state's "Halibut Guru" and extremely knowledgeable salmon fisherman (and super nice guy), he updated his thorough chapter on Halibut and provided information and critique on the King Salmon chapter and others.

Kurt Iverson: Lives in Juneau and has many years experience as a fishing guide, commercial fisherman, fish and wildlife technician, and currently is a fisheries analyst with the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. With his extensive expertise, he did a beautiful job revising and expanding the section on northern Southeast Alaska.

Les Palmer: Outdoors writer and avid angler of Sterling, has lived and fished in Alaska for forty years. He writes a weekly column for the Peninsula Clarion and contributes regularly to Alaska Magazine. We were delighted to have him write a chapter on Salmon Sharks.

Tony Weaver: Resides in Anchorage and is a well recognized authority on flycasting and flyfishing Alaska. The Alaska Council President for the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor, Tony is also chief technical editor for Fish Alaska Magazine. He's fished extensively all around Alaska and the world and, for this book, we were proud to have him as general flyfishing advisor and author of many of the flyfishing sections that appear in the species chapters.

William Hickman: Resides in Anchorage, and is a talented illustrator and retired Alaskan homesteader. From his initial renderings for the first two editions, Bill spent considerable time developing the many color illustrations and maps used in the new book.

Ken Alt: Resides in Fairbanks, and did pioneer fish inventories and research in western Alaska for ADF&G. He is now a fisheries consultant and, for this new edition, he updated his excellent chapter on Sheefish and critiqued many of the chapters.


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