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From Terror To Freedom
A Warning About America's Affair With Islam


With a Foreword by Dr. Wafa Sultan, this memoir describes the tortuous escape of a prominent member of the Iranian Navy during the takeover of Iran by Islamic radicals. Admiral Bakh miraculously escaped certain death. Bakh graphically delineates the totalitarian rise of the Islamic Republic, the slaughter of innocents, and the flight of Iran's best and brightest, while demonstrating his immense love for the people of Iran, its history and culture. A hunted man, he writes under an assumed name. A fascinating account that keeps the reader engaged. Major endorsements: Robert Spencer, Dr. Tawfik Hamid, and Jerry Gordon with others.

Foreword By Dr. Wafa Sultan

I was honored to be invited to hear Mano Bakh speak about the Islamic Danger that we are facing in America. His words, that mirrored my own, were passionate and sincere. The audience was hushed as Mano's voice broke when he expressed his feelings. "I lost my birth country, Iran, to radical Islam. I must not lose my adopted country, America, to a barbaric seventh century ideology. I have come out of hiding to speak out, even at the cost of my life."

That special evening moved me deeply. It was the beginning of a common bond and unique friendship. As I left the lecture hall, I turned to Mano and asked, "Can we win this battle?" No other words were necessary, our past experiences and suffering gave us both a moment of shared understanding and a certain comfort in knowing that we were not alone in our journey.

From Terror to Freedom is Mano Bakh's poignant memoir. It gives the reader a glimpse into the Persian culture that possibly is gone forever. His harrowing escape from the brutality and destruction of Islamic Terror should be a warning to those who prefer to ignore the aggressive Islamic infiltration that is taking place in America, and "the politically correct" who arrogantly drown out an intelligent man's alarming words of warning.

Even in America the unthinkable can happen and it can happen very quickly.

--Dr. Wafa Sultan, Author of A God Who Hates


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