AUTHOR:Jim R. Sapp
SIZE:7"w X 9.9"
BINDING:Trade Paper
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Starting Your First Busness
Gain Independence and Love Your Work


Combines real world, how-to advice with realistic case scenarios to help readers visualize the implications of each action. This book also includes comprehensive coverage of key issues, including business planning, financing, and marketing. Worksheets available on the author's website customize the learning experience.

Back Cover Statement

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are developed. Success does not come from brilliant ideas-it comes from hard work, perseverance, and knowing what to do and when to do it. If you have the desire to put your effort and resources into something you love, and to reap the rewards on your own terms, then this book can help you. It has been created specifically to give you the tools and advice you need to develop your skills as a new entrepreneur. In it you will learn:

- How to lay the groundwork before you get started
- How to structure your company to protect your assets
- Where to find the start-up money you need
- How to hire and manage employees
- Sales and marketing techniques
- How to choose the right financing and manage your cash

Packed with resources and filled with real business examples, this book will shorten your learning curve by years. Realistic case studies show you step by step how each decision is made and the results of both good and bad ones. Worksheets available on the author's website allow you to customize the information for your own business. Starting Your First Business will empower you.

About the Author

JIM R. SAPP is an Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, a Blue Chip Enterprise citation winner, national business consultant, highly respected speaker, and Founder and Director of the American Small Business Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to nurturing small businesses through education and referrals to lending and leasing institutions.

A 1992 cover story of Indiana CEO magazine identified Mr. Sapp as "Striking Oil in the Franchise Field." In 1996, Mr. Sapp was selected to attend the prestigious "Birthing of Giants" (a 3-year graduate program for entrepreneurs, sponsored by MIT, Inc. magazine, and the Young Entrepreneurs Organization). In 2002, he received a leadership award from the Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Association (SKLLA).


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