AUTHOR:John Hesselbein
IMPRINT:Publishers Design Group, Inc
SIZE:6"w X 9"
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Allegheny Mountain

Short Biography

A brave soldier and an honest and competent roofing contractor, the author cheerfully endured many years of incredible hardship during his passage through an interesting life. He attended Eastern Connecticut State College on the Vietnam-era GI Bill, graduating in 1981 with a BA in English. As a younger man he was good with women and quick with his fists. Love came easily to his heart and he was not afraid of fighting for the many things he believed in. Near the close of his life he is quietly proud of having lived a life of manly virtue.

Short Book Summary

The People of the Hill travel a savage land. The world can be a big bad place and sometimes we are on our own. There is love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness, courage in the high places of the world. There is savage fighting, both organized and random. A hardened combat veteran weeps for his fallen commander. The Alleghenies were bled dry but the Slave Power had to die and someone had to kill it. There is hot love poetry drawn from the torn heart of my wounded brother, soft steps on back stairs, burning with fever and walking through fire. There are savage girlfriends, California bargirls, the finest in the world, a deceitful and evil enchantress, a little French Canadian girl and the fearless and proud daughter of a Village Headman. There is the Army, the roofing, hot steamy sex and at the very last, a final commander's call.


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