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Ultimate Rivers Project

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Rylinn Publishing Project

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St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral

Bellarmine-Jefferson High School

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Mayasthenia Gravis Society

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Michael Godard

Christian Riese Lassen

Christine Peirano

Johnny Swager


Market By Publishing: Sample Projects

Publishing exponentially leverages your promotional resources. Once published, you are no longer perceived as just another contender in the marketplace. In the list below are examples of some who have benefited from publishing for the sole purpose of marketing themselves or their organizations.

Professionals • Guides
Experts • Speakers
Attorneys • Consultants
Non-profits • Associations
Trainers • Teachers
Architects • Designers
Colleges • Churches
Artists • Art galleries
Wineries • Restaurants
Sports franchises • Coaches
Tourist bureaus • Historical societies
Craftsmen • Custom builders

Below are several samples of publishing projects that were created specifically for marketing purposes. The links associated with each project will take you to the book's sales page. Five of the projects have links that will take you to the project's case study page. The testimonials page link on the upper left of this page contains several endorsements pertaining to these projects.


Ultimate Rivers, Inc.
Rene Limeres owns a prestigious guiding business in Alaska and had been successfully published by two traditional, royalty publishers. Though book sales were producing a modest income from royalties, he knew that they were not building his name as a brand in the Alaska guiding business. This title has held the top sales spot for books on Alaska fishing for over six years. Alaska Fishing has taken several national book awards, including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award.

Since publishing, Mr. Limeres has been commissioned to write dozens of articles for major sporting magazines and his guiding business has flourished. We have printed three large runs and have produced several companion titles.

Scope of work: Design and production of four books, advertising, market research
Link to Alaska Fishing sales page
Link to Ultimate Rivers case study
Link to Alaska Pocket Fishing Guide sales page
Link to Alaska Pocket Wildlife Guide sales page

Craig Cares
The client knew that his best customers were ones who were referred by previously satisfied customers and discharge planners at hospitals or people who attended his educational events. Prospects needed an objectively-written quick-guide that would help them in the process of obtaining the best care for their loved ones. He decided to create an educational booklet to be given away by professionals in the eldercare industry--discharge planners, social workers, and eldercare experts.

Scope of work: Market research, book design and production, writing
Link to Safe And Sound At Home sales page



Rylinn Publishing, LLC
A regionally established business consultant in the midwest, the client wanted to extend his market reach. He had won many awards and made the cover story in Indiana CEO magazine.

He decided to publish the definitive book on starting a business. It took the "Foreword Magazine Book of the Year" gold award in New York City at Book Expo America.

Scope of work: Market research, writing, publicity, book design and production
Link to Starting Your First Business sales page
Link to Rylinn Publishing case study

The Fitness Boutique
The client wanted to use book publishing as a way to establish a product line targeted to the boutique, travel, and gift markets. The line included books, replacement exercise bands, clothing, and DVD workshops.

Scope of work: Photography, design, writing/editing, accessory design and manufacture, retail display cases, identity/logo package design, market research, and a national publicity campaign
Link to The Fit Traveler sales page
Link to The Fit Senior sales page
Link to The Fitness Boutique case study
Link to project graphic design portfolio

Ernest C. Brown & Company
Ernest Brown wanted to establish himself and his firm as the top legal authority in public works law. Since 1999, we published two editions of California Public Works Projects and one edition each of The Art of Construction Mediation and How To Resolve Your Construction Dispute.
(This book is no longer in print or for sale)

Scope of work: Architectural photography, book design and production, advertising, trade show graphics, and direct mail campaigns.
Link to Ernest C. Brown testimonial


Porter Productions
Philip Porter was the "Father of American Judo" and coached over 1,000 national and international medallists. He started the US Martial Arts Association and founded and built the Judo Institute in Colorado. O-Sensei Porter became famous for his teaching techniques and sold books and DVDs and conducted workshops throughout the world.

Scope of work: Editing, book design and production, DVD label design, marketing materials, web site design
Link to Judo From the Beginning sales page

St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral
The church board approached us wanting to publish a coffee-table edition that would capture the history, architecture, art, and spirit of the church's 100 years serving the Sacramento region. The Centennial Edition was produced to help raise money for the building restoration fund. A Century of Grace took the Benjamin Franklin gold award in New York City at the Book Expo America.

Scope of work: Project coordination, architectural photography, event photography, and book design
Link to A Century of Grace sales page


Bellarmine-Jefferson High School
Bellarmine wanted to produce a book that would give students insight into the world's top achievers' views on education, morals, money, character, discipline, study, and success and failure. They contacted dignitaries, past presidents, famous artists, titans of industry, politicians, inventors, and famous thinkers, doers, and humanitarians--all were household names in America.

Scope of work: Project coordination, book design and production, editing
Link to Wisdom From Giants sales page

United Pier & Shore Anglers
Pier Fishing In California, 2nd Edition, was conceived and written by Ken Jones and was published to help bring awareness to the general public and California coastal communities of the historical and cultural significance of the 113 piers in the state. This 512-page undertaking includes over 500 images has helped promote and increase membership in the United Pier & Shore Anglers association.

Scope of work: Project coordination, market research, book design and production
Link to Pier Fishing In California sales page



Myasthenia Gravis Society of California
The organization wanted to publish an illustrative, lay-friendly book highlighting the history of the disease and the medical researchers who had a part in discovering its cure. The book helped neurologists and practitioners in educating patients and their family members about Myasthenia Gravis.
(This book is no longer in print)

Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann
The artist wanted a coffee-table book featuring her life story with a portfolio of paintings. She wanted a "retrospective" that would help galleries sell her paintings. As an accomplished and successful artist, Ms. Bohlmann's works reside in hundreds of private and public collections.

Scope of work: Book design for paperback, hardback, and leather-bound collectors' limited edition, gift box design and manufacture, DVD package design, cast bronze statue design and manufacture, design of small gift quotation book, marketing materials
Link to Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann sales page
Link to Quotes With A View sales page


L'Abri Brochure

Michael Godard
Created primarily to boost art and print sales, the book sold well in retailers. Cover endorsements included Vince Neal, Criss Angel, and Ozzy Osbourne. The title went on to win two national book awards, including, “Best Art Book of 2006,” by USA Book News, and has been cited and written about in many publications.

Scope of work: Book design for paperback, hardback, and leather-bound collectors' limited edition, belt-buckle design and manufacture, DVD package design, design of small gift quotation book, marketing materials
Link to Godard: Don't Drink & Draw sales page
Link to Godard Quotes Gift Book sales page
Link to Michael Godard case study

Christian Riese Lassen
Mr. Lassen was a well-established artist with a huge cult following. He wanted a book that was as beautiful as his artwork. His primary purpose was to use the book as a portfolio in the galleries that represented him and for personal gifts to his collectors.

Scope of work: Book design and production for hardbound small gift book
Link to Lassen: Peaceful Reflections sales page


Artist Peirano

Christine Peirano
Primarily used as a catalog of her recent artwork for an upcoming, major art exhibition in Europe, the artist wanted a promotional piece that would deliver insightful content and commentary, while making it enough like a book to be kept in private and public libraries, and to serve as the show catalog and media piece.

Scope of work: Book design and production
Link to Christine Peirano sales page
Link to Christine Peirano case study

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