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For over 20 years we have been helping our clients rise above their competitors

Client Testimonials

“Publishing my books and booklets has directed millions of dollars in business to my practice. We would not have gotten any of this without publishing. I am a success story for self publishing with PDG—it has taken us to the next level. Our experience was superb.”
Ernest C. Brown, Esq., PE, Ernest Brown & Co. (California’s leading authority on public works law and construction mediation)

“Marketing and publishing my books with PDG has cemented my reputation as one of the top authorities on Alaska fishing and parlayed a considerable amount of business to my guiding company. PDG had the wherewithal to do absolutely everything I needed. They had ample experience and offered me so much more than just production and printing services.”
Rene Limeres, Ultimate Rivers, Inc. (Author of the award-winning, best selling book on Alaska, four years running)

“They listen and they’re flexible. By having an open environment, we had a cross-pollination of ideas. The book has caught the personality of the church. We’re definitely pleased with PDG and the project.”
Fr. Anthony Garibaldi, St. Francis of Assisi Church

“I chose PDG because of their knowledge of business and marketing and a strong feeling that I could work with and trust them. I believe my career has been revitalized. I have learned so much as a result of going through the publishing process with PDG. My experience was absolutely fantastic. I got what I paid for and more.”
Phil Silver, PJB Publishing

“We recommend PDG. They’re thorough, efficient, and they saved us money. They think through every step, strategically analyzing and planning.”
David A. George, Valley Springs Presbyterian Church, L’Abri Conference California Project

“The art book can enhance the career of an established artist or form the launch pad for a young artist. Art books sell art and the artist—it’s just that simple.”
Richard Enfantino, Enfantino Publishing, (Published eight titles with PDG, received six national book awards)

“I wanted to re-position our company to sell our services outside of our sphere of past clients. …PDG exceeded expectations. They always delivered to my customers’ upscale and aesthetic tastes.”
Janver Holly, Holly & Associates, Inc.


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