More than marketing services, we offer marketing solutions

Publishers Design Group, Inc., (PDG) operates a full-service shop that offers a complete set of end-to-end marketing solutions. PDG consistently creates marketing campaigns that communicate clearly with their target audiences and get media attention.  Our scope of services is broken down into four main areas:
Marketing Direction, Pre-production, Production, Printing/Manufacturing and Fulfillment. Each area is discussed below.

Marketing Direction
At PDG, marketing starts with a client and/or product assessment. Research is then performed in a number of areas. 1.) Do a competitive analysis, 2.) Determine the best way to position and differentiate the client, 3.) Locate and study the core and secondary audiences, and 4.) Ascertain the best approaches to advertising, publicity, and fulfillment/distribution.

  • Consulting (General)
  • Concept and prototype development
  • Project structuring and coordination
  • Marketing assessment and planning
  • Client, company, or product positioning and differentiating
  • Promotional copywriting and editing (Ad and press-release copy)
  • Publicity and media relations planning, development, and services
  • Book, manual, or booklet concept and manuscript planning
  • Advertising planning, development, and services
  • Web site consulting, planning, development, and services
  • Company and product naming

Before formatting brochures, advertisements, web sites, or stationery, a number of creative assets must be acquired. These would include art, photography, writing, and the creation of templates, among others.

  • Pre-production coordination
  • Art, photography, and design direction
  • Art and illustration production
  • Photography and post-shoot tasks
  • Research and acquisition of stock photography
  • Logo and identity design
  • Packaging design (structural and graphic)
  • Product and prototype design
  • Book, manual, or booklet manuscript development
  • Line-editing of all copy for promotion or publications
  • Advertising design (template)
  • Graphic design (templates for general marketing collateral)
  • Web site design (graphic design template)
  • Web site design (programming and data-base design)

After pre-production has acquired all the creative assets, a production specialist starts the formatting process. The design director supplies the production department with directions on how to bring all the components together in formatting the final pieces. 

  • Create stationery packages
  • Create advertising pieces
  • Create direct-mail pieces
  • Create trade show booth graphics
  • Create packaging design
  • Format templates for general marketing collateral
  • Format books, manuals, or booklets
  • Format web site design template
  • Proofreading of all promotional pieces and publications

Printing/Manufacturing and Fulfillment
PDG operates an international print and fulfillment brokerage network. Our contract print and manufacturing facilities are located throughout North America and Asia. Our fulfillment and distribution venues are located in China, Los Angeles, and in Reno.

  • Warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment consulting
  • Fulfillment and warehousing venues (International, national, and regional)
  • Direct-mail fulfillment (both promotional campaigns and product delivery)
  • Printing/manufacturing consulting
  • Printing/manufacturing
  • Packaging and consolidating of products
  • Order taking and processing services
  • Returns processing
  • International and domestic shipping and logistics
  • US import/export customs and brokerage services

Our proven track record in creative marketing, graphic and product design, and publishing is unassailable evidence of our ability to successfully shepherd any project through to completion. Our capacity to forecast a realistic project timetable and accurate budget, with a gift for executing innovative and functional marketing solutions, produces results beyond most clients’ expectations—high quality, on schedule, and within budget.

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